Loads of green people in Greenside

This is what people in Greenside are doing
This is what people in Greenside are doing
Our stall at the Greenside Last Shift Festival
Our stall at the Greenside Last Shift Festival

We had a TWiG stall at the Last shift Festival in Greenside on Saturday (23rd. July 2016) and asked people to share what they’re doing to reduce their use of fossil fuels, save energy and save the planet.
We were really chuffed that so many people were interested and are already working on this – we learnt a few things ourselves.


Here’s what people wrote:

  • Get the bus when I can.
  • Walk on smaller journeys.
  • Walk.
  • Cycle.
  • Holiday by train.
  • Smaller car.
  • Car share.
  • Turn off electricals when not in use, not on stand-by (3)
  • Switch lights off.
  • Turn the heating down.
  • Changed to LED (energy-saving) lightbulbs (3)
  • Recycling (6) – bottles, paper, cans, cardboard, batteries, mobile phones.
  • Collect recyclable materials from school bins and recycle them properly.
  • Reuse plastic bags.
  • Campaign for standardisation of recycle bin colours.
  • Dumpster (skip) dive.
  • Skip dive for wood for woodburner.
  • Use waste wood.
  • Composting (2).
  • Take compostable materials to Whickham (? Nurseries or Community Garden?).
  • Insulated the house.
  • Insulation under floor.
  • Chimney balloon (stops draughts).
  • Grow my own veg.
  • Cook for myself.
  • Eat organic.
  • Litter picking.
  • Beach litter pick up.
  • Complain to BBC about logos and monitors behind the news.
  • Send nasty e-mails to Monsanto (GM seeds).
  • Complain about excessive noise/musak in shops.

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