Minutes of TWiG meeting 19/5/16 at Blaydon Burn Farm

TWiG planning meeting

Blaydon Burn Farm 19th May

Present : Lesley chair, Steph minutes, Gweno, Garry, Diane

Apologies; Laura, Nick, Mick,

Licences all in order

Publicity Steph contact Helen if needs more, Di will do some more anyway, though quality not as good

Keep posting info about travel etc on Facebook

Lesley will forward things to Steph while she’s in Italy. 1st – 21st June

 Banner – all happy with progress

Should have national network website on – www.transitionnetwork.org plus Qr code

Transport – Garry will look for pic to send to joe.

Gweno will send qr code for TWiG to Joe

Ask joe to find qr code for national network

Lesley send info about printer to everyone – hope the quote is for the whole job!

 Information boards – need TWiG stall (Garry and Di will lead) separate as well as tea room in conservatory – under gazebo plus table including tombola

 Conservatory tea room only tea and plants

 Stalls – all in hand with Laura, giving them all info eg re voluntary contribution, collecting their info on spreadsheet

Coalies – Steph has asked them to provide wines and soft drinks as well as local beers

Big lunch? No we think not. Too many things. We can publicise.

Allotment shed? No food hygiene certificate – but not an actual legal requirement.

 Volunteers and stewards:

Many friends and relatives – need someone to coordinate in advance as Lesley won’t be here.

Free lunch – stalls bring voucher back for reimbursement.

Di will coordinate volunteers etc.

Children’s activities – Gwen and woodies – anyone keen to help with children’s activities? Volunteers? Steph will contact Niamh Euers again.

 Local history walk – Mick trying to coordinate

 Last shift – Gweno – do they want to speak – PA?

 Music – Elderly brothers? Garry will follow up. Steph looking for another band.

 Cloakroom tickets need to be got for tombola and entrance ticket

 Presume Nick will sort out change boxes again


All in hand, Steph made good contact with countryside warden from Gateshead Council.

Steph will think about how to communicate through Facebook page

 All volunteers will have mobile number of organiser.

Lesley has reduce reuse banner but not the banner from top gate last year, which we could do with edited for this year! General feeling that Mick may have it.

Garry is going to investigate making their bike pump into a balloon pump

 Need volunteers for week before to help with stuff – certainly the Friday afternoon at BBF

 Gweno talking about making food map with pins so people can access via phone etc 

Link with Laura to get contact details to put pins on map for every provider


Re community biogas project info from Lesley – Ike has read all info on websites and we feel this is not for us at present time – too much to think about at the moment with solar array


Next meeting 28th June 7.30 BBF

But we all need to be getting on with stuff!

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