Minutes of Transition West Gateshead Meeting 3/2/16 at White Swan

Minutes of Transition West Gateshead Meeting 3/2/16 at White Swan

Present: Lesley Mountain (Chair) Di Cadman (taking notes), Nick Ball, Mick Marston, Garry Jenkins, Gwenole Capp.

Apologies: Laura, Steph, Gwen,

Minutes of last meeting: agreed with no amendments

Matters Arising not on agenda

Lesley has agreed an extension on use of LEAF monies

Agenda items

Leaflet and Logo: Urgent need to move on this for 2016.

Action: Lesley to contact Steve Pardue re developing the logo including sending him the paragraphs we wrote about Transition, direct him to the Face Book Page and the Transition network website.

Solar Array: Ross Weddle has informed us that the grant for the feasibility study has been agreed. The group felt a briefing from Ross and Ewan is required. Our response was discussed including a timeline, budget and arranging a site visit.

Actions: Need to arrange to meet with Ross and Ewan as a group. A timeline is needed and identification of a budget specifically for public meetings which we will need to arrange.

Garry will continue to be the link with Ross. Garry also to send out article re community energy projects.

Wiggio Training: Most people have now done this. Ideas were discussed about what and how to share information in the group.

Re blog/website; there was some discussion as to what this should be used for by the group and the need to present this in a consistent way with the logo and leaflet.

Actions: Diane who will arrange to do training with Gwenole before the next meeting. Group need to meet to move forward on planning the site; group suggested Diane and Gwenole work on content.

Gwenole needs up to date email list as we need a proper data base for this.

Review of the year: It was agreed this was a very valuable and enjoyable event. Diane had copied up all the feedback and done some analysis to bring out the issues and plans that aroused the most interest in the group.

Actions: Decision to discuss the identified themes at the next meeting.

Future plans: Lesley has taken a table at the Rowlands Gill table top sale for TWiG on 27th February; please bring stuff if you can.


Gwenole: Lift share; he is pursuing car share community initiatives; he is waiting to hear from them. Re Derwent Valley car club; this now covers West Gateshead; Gwenole to pursue. It was noted that this topic was poorly covered on Transition network.

Garry: WRAP best practice re recycling and reuse from household waste from waste recycling centres e.g. Northamptonshire, North Tyneside, promotes the idea of a `shop` on council sites to recycle white goods.

Nick: Hookergate school buildings tender has been received for 40-80 houses in the green fields around the school. Nick suggested pressing for the development of the public spaces around the homes including for example a community orchard or other shared green areas. Use section 106 which refers to the community infrastructure fund.

Mick: suggested we leave enough time in our meeting planning for the Food Festival after Easter. Query raised about whether we need an alcohol license but not decided.

Next meeting:

Date and time Wednesday, 2nd March, 7.30pm at the White Swan

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