Minutes of TWiG 4R’s event preparation meeting 5/1/17 at Gwen & Gueno’s House

Transition West Gateshead

Meeting to prepare for 4Rs event at Ryton – Barmoor Hub – Sat 14th Jan

Held at Gwen and Gueno’s house 5th January 2017. With Gwen, Gueno, Lesley and Garry

Apologies Nick and Di

Volunteer numbers

Twig folks available – Lesley, Garry, Di, Gwen or Gueno, Nick, Jean Ollerton (until 1pm) Alison Stancliffe, Jane Gifford, possibly Anne Rickard



Stalls layout in hall – Garry to do


Stall details

  1. Twig stall – could this be combined with entrance stall by doors into café area? Needs flipchart, post it notes for people to put on what they are doing on the Recycling front – we can put this on Facebook after the event? Also space nearby for other organisations leaflets.

Entrance stall – Nick

  1. SWAP STALL – Lesley to co-ordinate. Large block of tables in centre. Lesley to make poster about etiquette.

  2. Childrens Activities area/stall. Gwen to co-ordinate. Place in top left of hall. Does Barmoor Hub have little chairs and tables?

  3. Hop Garden/Compost Corner/Biochar. This may be one or two tables? One with Sarah from the Hop garden. One with Ruth Thompson about Biochar

  4. Tombola stall – Garry to co-ordinate – probably on centre right of hall

  5. Men’s shed(s) stall – it doesn’t look like either of these ( Blaydon or Chopwell) will be able to attend, but we will allow space until closer to the time

  6. Groundwork GWK woodwork. Lesley to check Monday, this is when they return from Xmas holiday. Probably will need 2 tables length.

  7. Co-wheels – not known if they are coming yet – Lesley to follow up.

  8. Textile repairs – Lesley to check with High Spen people. If not perhaps Jane Gifford could do this?

  9. Recyke yr Byke – Nick has got them to come. Will need 2 tables space for bike stand etc.

  10. Pickle Palace – Hannah is coming along to sell Pickles

  11. GMBC (Gateshead Council) Recycling officers & blue bin info. They are coming – 1 table

  12. Groundwork WEEE person – waste electrical info – they are coming ( confirm next week)

  13. Brighten Ryton – new group coming along – Alison Stancliffe and Alistair



Di Cadman and Jean Ollerton to run this, perhaps Anne Rickard after jean goes at 1pm

Soup – Garry to make 2 soups (possibly 1 parsnip and apple, and one leek and potato– one can go into soup kettle on site. Need something to carry them in from home. Bring jam thermometer.

Bread. Nigel Wild is baking bread especially for us – we will buy it off him.

Cakes. Di, Gwen will make a gluten free one

Tea and Coffee, Milk and biscuits – Di to bring

Soft drinks and squash – Lesley to buy from Lauras

Butter and Marge – Lesley to buy from Lauras

Cheese biscuits – Jane Gifford



Doors open from 10.30. (Di will be there), close at 4.30. Stalls set up by 11.45.

Public admission 12.00



Lesley to send the leaflet to all stall holders for their noticeboards

Facebook – Gwen will make the poster into a picture suitable to post on Facebook

Lesley to take leaflets/ posters to Co-op ad other shops, pubs, clubs, library around Ryton

Neighbour of Gwen can take posters to Charles Thorp School

Tyne Valley Express – Gwen or Lesley to contact (notes vague here)

Lamppost tie-ons – Lesley will do this

Poster/banner – Gueno will collect from Steph’s and organise to re-word and then tie onto railings at Hub. Pull up banner to go next to entrance stall

Other items

Nick – needs to be reminded to bring donation boxes.

Quiz – are we doing this – meeting thought not.


Meeting finished 9.30

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