Minutes of TWiG meeting 1/12/16 at Wigs Place in High Spen

Minutes of Meeting 01/12/2016 Wigs Place, High Spen 7.15pm – 9.00pm

Present: Di (taking notes) Garry, Gwen, Lesley, Nick.

Apologies: Steph, Gweno, Laura, Mick

Agenda: Single item of 4Rs event 14th January 2017 Barmoor Hub.

  1. Stalls (agreeing which to have and then the details of each)
  2. Advertising
  3. Working in partnership with Hub (and other organisations?)
  4. Who does what on the day.


1 Stalls Stall title Action: Planning and prep responsibility 4 who does what on the day
1 TWiG: Inc Green party leaflets, food bank leaflets, Our villages (Crawcrook Greenside Environment group) leaflets, Borderline books leaflets; was Lesley going to ask Amina or Di ? Di
2 Children`s activities Gwen
3 Swap Stall (Island in centre of room) Lesley
4 Compost Corner Di to check on Barmoor Hub re their compost initiative
5 Tombola Prizes needed Garry
6 Men’s Sheds Lesley to contact Blaydon group first as nearest
7 Computer upcycling Mick to check please
8 Gateshead NBC recycling Garry to contact them
9 High Spen Woodwork Lesley to contact
10 Sewing repairs Blaydon Di to contact
11 Hop garden and Biochar Lesley to contact Sarah and suggest Ruth be involved.
12 Recyc your bike Nick to contact
13 Pickle Palace re using unwanted food Laura to contact please
14 Shabby chic from the tip The meeting decided not to use the group Mick suggested at this stage as they could charge for running a workshop. Also we felt it was better to use someone local? Men’s Sheds Shabby Chic shop in Ryton. Lesley to follow up.
cafe Soup bread cakes and scones Garry to make soups ?re bread, We will ask Laura if we can buy extra from her on the Friday from Nigel or the Stocksfield woman. Di to contact potential bakers inc W I s ? could they run the café or do the hub have volunteers (agreed not to pay for this) Di has TWiG tea coffee etc

Note that other possibilities for stalls can be considered to fill gaps if some of the above do not materialise.

Other responsibilities

Open to public 12.00 – 3.30 Access for us from 10.30 – 4.30

Nick on the door with a clicker, entrance fee 20p 10p for children.

Gwen to improve look of donation tins

2 Advertising

Face Book, Lesley to work on working, create event pass on working to Di to share with Barmoor Hub to put on their FB and website.

Gwen to update 4Rs leaflet

Nick: hardcopy leaflets Dave Anderson?

Banners with Steph?

Gwen to look at what alterations to banners may be needed

Di to ask Barmoor Hub where banners can be placed.

Nick to bring float and donations boxes.

Gwen to check Tyne Valley Express and Radio Newcastle for morning of the event;

All to ask any community organisations to share on FB and take leaflets.

Transport/parking 10A bus goes past half hourly enroute between Newcastle/metro centre/Blaydon/Crawcrook/Greenside/High Spen/Blackhall Mill

Also 10 Newcastle to Hexham and 10B to Prudhoe

Car parking in front and behind venue and nearby rugby ground.

3 Working in Partnership with the hub.

Need to explore, discussion on how much we can share for this event. Di to discuss with contact there, re issues identified above.

4 Who does what on the day: see chart and notes above.










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