Minutes of TWiG meeting 14/7/14 at But Arms

Notes of meeting 14th July 2014 at Bute Arms


Lesley Mountain (Chair) Diane Cadman (note taking) Garry Jenkins, Rachel Kitchen, Nick Ball, Mick Marston, David (Hopgarden)


Matters arising from info exchange

David gave an update on events at the Hopgarden: see the website for details of the Pizza oven event on 17th August where helpers are needed. There will also be a Halloween event.

Di reported on the Transition conference in Lancaster. There was a lot of interest in the Sustainable Communities Act 2007/10 as this could be a useful means of getting funding and support for a project that we select. Di the send additional detail. The group agreed that they would look into this to be ready for future possibilities.

Lesley reported on progress of her application for use of land for a community orchard. She met with Councillor Lynn Caffrey after the council are unwilling to let the project go ahead on the land at Highfield as it is said to be contaminated. Discussion of possible student involvement as cited for the Winlaton Action group to do soil analysis on the land. Also discussion of the pro and cons of fencing or not fencing. Lesley will continue to pursue this including the identification of another site, search of farms and gardens website was suggested.

Mick mentioned leaflets to be published for Apple Pressing event at Blackhall Mill in October, firm date not available yet.

Winlaton Action Group. This group is campaigning about the effects of the landfill site at Stargate. Lesley attended their most recent meeting. Much of the meeting was taken up by Newcastle university students regarding the soil testing to be undertaken on allotments at Stargate. The group are keen to stay in touch with us. They meet on first Monday of every month at Hallgarth Social Club in Winlaton.

Mick spoke about Land of Oak and Iron, a Heritage Lottery Funded project, the project will be looking at the river down to Blaydon, the connection for us is natural history, it begins 2016 and the person to contact is Annie Murphy GVOC (Gateshead Voluntary Organisation Council) 

Mick also spoke about the WEA Green Branch energy conference.

Current TWG Projects

Formation of a Suma group

David spoke of being wary of people not collecting their order in good time and having to store large amounts of goods on their behalf. This was agreed as an issue to guard against.  Workable group is forming, Lesley agreed to contact those who have expressed an interest and see if anyone had ideas about a venue for delivery and collection. A community facility was suggested as this would require a rota system to administer and would have to be managed efficiently as it would be a public space.


The feast: produce swap and cook event

This will be held in October on a date that doesn’t clash with other local events and allowing for the availability of a suitable venue, 18th was suggested. The group concluded that Blaydon as the transport hub was the most promising area to seek a venue. Venue chosen must have kitchen facilities which will be needed for cooking something simple on the premises e.g. soup and for people to bring food to eat and /or swap. Members who know the possible Blaydon venues will pursue this. Discussed time it should be held, some people wanted and evening event, others an afternoon that would attract family involvement. Di agreed to gather musician with the objective of some music and ceilidh dancing if the venue allows. Agreement to invite councillors and the MP Dave Anderson.

The group was happy with the meeting venue at the Bute Arms. Happy to support them as they are selling local microbrewery beer.

Date time and venue of next meeting Monday 4th August, 7.30pm at the Bute Arms unless otherwise advised.

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