Minutes of TWiG meeting 5/4/16 at Blaydon Burn House

Minutes of TWiG meeting 5/4/16 at Blaydon Burn House

Present: Lesley chair, Steph minutes, Gweno, Garry, Laura, Mick, Diane

Apologies: Nick, Ike

Minutes of last meeting agreed.

Matters arising from minutes:

Reuse shop: Garry hasn’t done anything since last time

Lift shares: Gweno ditto

Hookergate housing: (Nick) nothing at the moment

Leaflet: (Lesley) great, 1000 printed, need to think about distribution.

Pop up banner: Gwen has done a possible design idea – agreed that we would ask Joe to develop the ideas from leaflet and make 2 or 3 suggestions of designs

Solar array: meet tomorrow – explain where we are up to and what plans might be.
Mick has contacted Liz Twist local Councillor – can’t do anything till 5th May because of election, plus 2 issues re landfill – smell and housing development – she requested that folks should please leave meetings until after elections and then she will be prepared to facilitate.

Agenda items

Food Festival:


  • Agree 2nd July for food festival
  •  Insurance – Nick?
  • Permissions – agreed everyone pays 50p adults 20p children babes free
  • Licence – Lesley will follow up about these and identify exactly what we have to do.
  • Alcohol licence – Mick will follow up with Fox and Hounds, Coalburms
  • Advance publicity – leaflet/poster/Facebook – Laura will deal with Facebook! Gweno put on website. Ask Joe to review last year’s and update – ask Nick to see whether they can be printed by Dave Anderson again.
  • Stallholders – Nigel Wilde, mobile pizza oven from Gibside, Janet (hog roast), Pia veggie option, Hannah pickle palace, Gibside, Hop Garden, Tom and Joe’s, honey?, ointments, dairy – Jonathan’s goat cheese- is it ok to sell? cakes? Gluten free? Gringoes vegan kitchen? Polish kitchen? (Much discussion). – teas in conservatory, tombola, prizes in advance VERY IMPORTANT.
  • NEED MORE STEWARDS!!!!!! All ask about.
  • Activities – children’s activities really important, not much for older children. Ask woodcraft folk people if they’d help.
  • Donations for car parking. Access needs sorting. Steph happy to talk to police about it.
  • Music Steph will sort.
  • Packaging – need to encourage folks to use compostable containers for serving. Do we need to invest in compostable packaging for stall holders to use? If we aren’t charging stall holders we need to insist on our values. After some discussion, people agreed that we should charge, and insist on our values.


Arrange alcohol licence starting with Fox and Hounds, Coalburns. Contact possible stallholders.

NB whoever makes arrangements with them needs to ensure they understand about charging, although we did not decide on an amount they are clear about our values therefore endeavor to use compostable packaging.
We have copies of public liability insurance.
Link with other Transition groups re Green Festival

Ask Woodcraft people if they’d like to help with children’s activities for older ones.
Talk to police about access for car parking.
Sort out music.
Contact Joe and share group’s ideas about pop up banner plus edit last year’s poster/leaflet.
Sort music licence when we know about who might play

Follow up about licences with Council so we know what we have to do

See whether Dave Anderson’s office will print leaflets/posters for us again

Lead on Facebook publicity

Update website

No identified person
Green Festival donation/stall fee/advertising
Lists of members, emailing lists etc

Recruit stewards

Ferndene park:

Penny Marshall. Are we interested in being involved? Could we support them to set up a group to do it? Lesley will send details to Mick. Mick will think about how to develop.

Actions: Mick – Develop Ferndene Park initiative
Lesley – Send details re Ferndene Park to Mick so he can develop the initiative


Green Festival early June. If we make a crowd funding donation how do we call in our advertising opportunity? Commit £50 either as donation or as stall fee.

Linking with other Transition Groups. Mick will lead on this and send link to all.

Query about lists of members, emailing lists etc. Bit of sorting needs thinking about?

Next meeting

Thursday 5th May Blaydon Burn Farm 7.30pm.

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