Minutes of TWiG meeting 14/1/15 at Gwen & Gweno

Transition West Gateshead

Notes from the meeting of 14th January 2015 at Gwen & Gweno

Present. Lesley, (chair) Di, (Note taking) Garry, Gwen Gwenole. Nick, Rachel K, Mick

Apologies. Steph and Ike, Rachel D, David, Sarah.

Minutes of last meeting. Accepted

Matters arising. 

  1. Bank account. Di has started the form for the account and handed it to Nick to complete the treasurer`s section and pass on the Lesley and Mick.


  1. Face book page and surplus swap: the meeting agreed that the Face book page is developing well, thanks to Lesley and Rachel D. Need to fill out the entry for TWG on the Transition Network website. www.transitionnetwork.org

For next meeting


  1. Website and logo; Research online was inconclusive in terms of a definitive image for West Gateshead. A green USP is needed. It was suggested that the group return to this, in the meantime people visiting the event on 31st could be asked  to suggest ideas. Suggestion box needed. 


Preparation for Reduce reuse recycle event

Advertising the event: Publicity flier now completed and is being circulated widely. Unfortunately not in time for the Newcastle Transition newsletter. 

Gwen will work on the Banner to be exhibited beforehand outside the building.

Venue: Di and Lesley visited St Barnabas Hall with Pauline Woof to see the facilities; space, toilets, tables chairs, kitchen etc. Garry sketched a room plan to be circulated to the group.

Invited individuals and organisations

  • Recyke y’Bike – possibly a bike repair stall – Nick to contact them TBC

  • Mens’ Shed in Winlaton – repairing stuff – Lesley to contact Steve Gooch Confirmed

  • Repair of computers – Jim from Blackhall Mill – Mick M to contact him Confirmed

  • Woodworker from Gibside Market (David Shields) – Mick M Confirmed

  • Di has contacted WIs in Greenside and Rowlands Gill. Need to create cooperative relationship, will not be assisting on this occasion see AOB. 

  • Derwent Valley Car Club – Susan will be bringing electric car & bike (Mick M) Garry will bring his E-bike if needed Confirmed

  • Gateshead MBC re what goes in Blue Bin via Julie Simpson Confirmed

  • Food Bank Opportunity to contribute was discussed, though inconclusive. 

  • Fat Quarters Quilting shop, Blackhall Mill, Di has arranged for Emma and Kim to attend. They will need a table next to a power point for the sewing machine. Demonstrations of quilting skills arranged from 1.30pm.

  • Armina from Borderline Books will need table. Bring unwanted books to contribute.



Nick and Rachel cannot be there on 31st. Lesley may also not be present for health reasons; there was discussion as to how to spread tasks and gain assistance from others. Pauline Gertig has agreed to assist with refreshments.


Sign up sheet is needed at entrance and someone to greet people.

It was decided that a Transition table is needed providing info via leaflets; again someone will need to be at this table.


Update on own stalls

  • Gwen to take up the task of arranging activities for children and families as  Rachel D has reduced capacity to help with this at present. Corner table and chairs needed to provide good space for these activities. Gwen to make requests for materials/equipment she needs. 

  • Table for Post Christmas Swap Lesley/Garry, may need more help with this.

  • Compost Corner (Garry)

  • Freegle & swap pages – Theo Gibb will be coming to talk to people about freegle.

  • Mick M will be using the laptop and projector and dongle to connect to the internet to show Freegle info and car sharing info. Gwenole`s car sharing scheme will also be shown.

  • Quiz –Lesley has looked online and compiled a quiz that requires further work. Nick offered to help with completing this. Quiz to be offered for 50p a sheet in arrival. These will be marked towards the end of the afternoon. Answers to be provided and a prize or prizes to be offered for winners.

Sheets will need printing. Need someone to do this.

  • Di said Fat Quarters had offered to provide a prize we could take up. 

Di to find out what this will be.

  • Food, tea and snacks; Di has a number of friends who are happy to bake for the events. More are needed, Di to ask for more volunteers to bake and to help with teas on the day.


Car Sharing –info from Gweno. Share smarter cannot attend the event, see above re alternative.

Food Map – info from council Lesley contacted Steve Reay; council is interested in this; no update.


Community Solar Farm Approach to Garry from Ross Weddle. As last meeting: To invite Ross Weddle to the meeting after the Rowlands Gill event.

Women`s Institutes: Di has spoken with representatives and sent fliers for 31st and arranged to give talks at both village WIs this year to try to involved them in future. Greenside date Monday 6th July 2015. Di asked if anyone would like to join her in delivering a presentation.

Discussion of how subsequent meetings will be run. Recognition that the work of running meetings can be circulated while the roles outside meetings and for financial purposes remain with the already selected individuals. It was agreed that the person who will chair the following meeting will normally take the minutes of the current one so that they are up to date with what is happening and can make a realistic agenda. Nick and Mick will be taking this on for the nest meeting.

5. Date and venue for next meeting ; Wednesday 11th February 2015 at 7.30pm at Bute Arms, High Spen.

Summary of post meeting updates as of 20th 

  • Jean Ollerton (friend of Di) has offered to help with refreshments and will bring in progress proggy mats and other crafts to share so will need a small spot in the room.

  • Nick has spoken with Dave Anderson MP and he is supportive but may not be able to attend

  • Nick emailed re Recyke y’Bike Limited; they are no longer able to attend due to staff shortage

  • Apologies for 31st from Steph amd Ike

  • Mick emailed to say Wood pile now not able to attend.

  • Di circulated reply from Dave Anderson MP re his response to concerns about fracking proposed for the Blaydon area





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