Or get the bus.

Get the 49 bus (runs every 20 minutes) from Blaydon, the Metrocentre or Gateshead Metro and get off at the corner of Black Lane and Barlow Lane, where it is about 5 minutes walk to the farm. When you get off the bus walk up to the junction, turn right along Barlow Lane then immediately right down Burn Road. The farm is at the bottom of the hill before the turn in the road. See this link for timetable. http://www.nexus.org.uk/bus/timetables…
If you live in West Gateshead you could get the R6 minibus which stops at the gates. Once an hour from Ryton and Winlaton. Once an hour the other way round from Rowlands Gill, High Spen, Barlow. Timetable here. https://www.nexus.org.uk/sites/default/files/documents/bus/R006-GCT-270714_0.pdf Ask for corner Burn Rd/Liddels Fell rd.

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